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We offer fast, professional repair services for flat and punctured tires. A flat tire is not only an inconvenience, but poses immediate and long-term safety concerns. If you experience a flat tire, driving on it is the last thing you should do. This can cause irreparable damage to the tire and wheel rim. Instead, call our flat tire repair experts.

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In the event of a flat or punctured tire, you should pull safely off the road. Do not change your tire roadside unless conditions permit. If you cannot save your tire, consult a tire expert for further assistance.

Many flat tires can be repaired, but for safety’s sake follow these guidelines:

Have our pros evaluate and repair the damage.

Limit repairs to holes of 1/8 inch of less, in the center tread area only, not the shoulder or sidewall.

Repairing a tire reduces its effective speed rating. Drive accordingly. Certain high speed, high performance tires cannot be repaired.

Select a repair method or system that provides an airtight seal of the tire’s inner liner, completely fills the puncture, and prevents water seeping into the steel belts.

Improperly repaired tires can fail and cause tread-belt separation, blowouts, and accidents resulting in serious personal injury or death.


No matter how common they are, flat tires are a pain. Our experienced experts will help get you back on the road in no time.

We’re always happy to fix your flat tire for free.

We follow U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association guidelines when making tire repairs.

We fix punctures of 1/4 inch diameter or smaller in the center tread, not the tire shoulder or sidewall, and not cuts.

We remove the tire from the rim/wheel assembly and inspect for all possible damage, including to the inner liner.

We clean up the puncture to create a uniform diameter hole for the repair.

Then, we use a plug and patch system that seals the inner liner. This prevents moisture from getting into the tire and rusting the steel belting. Plugging the tire from the outside, or in the shoulder or sidewall, is an unsafe repair and can result in a blowout.

NOTE: Please tell our store manager if you have used a canned flat fix or tire sealant. Some older products are extremely flammable. Canned tire sealants are not recommended even as a temporary fix. They can ruin otherwise repairable tires.


We offer complete tire service, including flat repairs, and an extensive range of replacement tires at the lowest total price.

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