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Recent Customer Testimonials

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  • 09/18/2018

    The manager went above and beyond to go to Arundel to pick up a pair of tires that he did not have and that I was needing for my car! The manager on duty and the staff or courteous and kind! There was very minimal wait time and I was on my way! Outstanding customer service! Job well done fellas! I will be back!

    -- Jim Ward

  • 09/18/2018

    Brought my 2011 JGC Laredo in for an alignment couple weeks ago. Had the Jeep for Over a year and just put new cooper tires on (elsewhere as I bought them online). Decided I better get an alignment to get the most life out of my tires because as many potholes and frost heaves I've hit I thought there was no possible way I didn't need one. Brought it in and the customer service was great!!! The tech came out and informed me my alignment was still great with only one wheel that was slightly slightly off but was still well within the green zone and normal use. He gave me the option to get it back to 100% perfect but said it was only off so slightly I didn't really need to if I didn't want. If I wanted him to it would've been full charge. I was extremely extremely impressed by this gentlemens honesty. Most places would've charged me the money to do the alignment anyway and not even said a word even though I didn't need it (Jeep dealer on center street in Auburn comes to mind). They chalked it up to just an alignment check which was free and then I went on my way. They will definitely receive all my tire business from now on and I barley ever give 5 stars but these guys deserve it! Go here instead of Auburn location guys!

    -- Matt Björk

  • 09/18/2018

    I think the gentleman on the counter/answers the phone in the Ellsworth, Maine Tire Warehouse should market his voice and phone answering greetings, he is awesome and so polite and courteous! My service there has always been wonderful.

    -- LYNN

  • 09/18/2018

    Stopped in for a price estimate, very helpful and since they were available and had the tires I wanted they installed new tires in half hour time. Friendly staff and efficient!

    -- Carol Lee Mason

  • 09/17/2018

    I just had four new tires installed on my truck. The staff at Tire Warehouse in Keene, NH has been a pleasure to deal with, from start to finish. They were able to match a price I had shown them from another company, and were knowledgable, patient, and friendly. If I ever need another set of tires in the future, I will absolutely buy from them again. Thanks, guys!

    -- J

  • 09/17/2018

    I went to the Bennington VT store and the Manager Shane McNeal was very kind listened to what I needed and help me choose the tires that were right for me. He also checked the alignment and noticed that my ball joints needed to be replaced before I could get it alignment. I felt he was honest and watching out for me. Although they don't replace ball joints there. I did get it done. Very professional. I truly feel that he was watching out for me and getting me the best deal on the correct tires for my needs. Would drive hundreds of miles to get my service there again and have.

    -- Connie Hull

  • 09/16/2018

    Fantastic experience! Great prices and very friendly staff! Alignment done right and 4 tires for my wife’s car done quick and affordable! Thank you Exeter tire warehouse!

    -- Dave Henry

  • 09/16/2018

    Awesome experience !!! Marty and his team always go above and beyond when I bring my truck in! They are fast and courteous and have top notch service! Thank you tire warehouse.

    -- Dave Henry

  • 09/16/2018

    Thought I needed a front end alignment and after they put tires on, was told it wasn't needed. The manager, Chris Allen, also got me a large abatement from the prior tires I bought, almost half the cost of each tire. I trust them completely!! Also some are former military heroes!!

    -- Linda Innes Alonzo

  • 09/15/2018

    Tire warehouse is always so friendly and helpful. Quick turnaround and great prices too! * Note, any less than stellar reviews below are from before new management took over end of 2017. Chris is amazing!

    -- Rosanne Griffin

  • 09/15/2018

    I have taken my car to tire warehouse in Yarmouth with several issues they were always kind, helpful, and valued my time as a busy working mom of two . I highly recommend them for any of you vehicle needs

    -- Kaila Anne TenBrink

  • 09/15/2018

    Took my car to get 4 tires, ordered them over the phone prior to getting there for my appointment. I, mistakenly gave them the wrong size... but instead of having me wait for the correct size, Chris and his team gave me a better tire and matched the original price. Took my car back for an inspection and was in and out of the garage in under 30minutes. They have great service, and better prices than the other garages I’ve taken my vehicles to in the area.

    -- Jenn Pendexter

  • 09/15/2018

    A new Mom with a 5 month old and I found myself with a screw in my tire. The crew here was not only able to order the tire I needed but they received it within 24 hours AND made sure they got it on my car within that same 24 hours. Extremely nice and helpful I’d recommend this place to anyone and they’ve got a lifelong customer out of me and my husband.

    -- Jenna Grant

  • 09/15/2018

    Always willing to help in any way they can, accessible hours, friendly/polite individuals working there, decent prices, and if they cant help you they point you in the direction of someone who can. highly recommended!!

    -- Emily Blood

  • 09/15/2018

    My entire family goes here for tires and I’ve taken mine for service. I have never been treated rudely and in fact have never been treated better. Chris is wonderful to work with and always goes the extra mile!

    -- Pam McGuinness

Recent Customer Tire Reviews

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  • 09/09/2018 - Michelin - Defender (195/65R15)

    I am very happy now I have these, Michelin Defender are the way to go.

  • 09/08/2018 - Goodyear - Ultra Grip Winter (195/65R15)

    Goes Great in the winter and on wet roads. And it is studdable for added traction. Will. Buy this tire again.

  • 08/04/2018 - Goodyear - Eagle Sport All-Season (215/55R17)

    The feel and the handle of these tires feel amazing compared to what I previously had (not Goodyear). Taking tighter turns and not worrying about slipping especially on roads you're not expecting it brings much comfort as I drive a lot of state highways in the Midwest. I would recommend but not necessarily for the overly aggressive driver.

  • 08/02/2018 - Economy - All Season (195/65R15)

    Good Experience

  • 07/31/2018 - Economy - High Performance (245/45R17)

    Great tires, great value. They wear so much better than much more expensive tires.

  • 07/24/2018 - Yokohama - AVID Ascend (185/55R16)

    Tires have been very smooth so far and really good traction in wet and dry conditions. Only have around 5000 miles on them so far but hoping for a long life out of them!

  • 07/24/2018 - Yokohama - AVID Ascend (215/70R15)

    My vehicle came off the lot with Michelin tires, and I worked near a Michelin plant for many years (even in one briefly), so I was a fairly loyal Michelin customer for many years, in spite of the fact that their tires never got anywhere hear the warrantied 80K miles. I do drive an SUV, so I wasn't expecting exactly 80K miles, but I was getting more like 45K miles, which isn't great! Eventually, I moved to a different state where the Michelin deals weren't as plentiful, and the next time I needed tires, I was more open-minded about other brands. The gentleman at Treadquarters swore I'd be much happier with Yokohama tires. Since he sold Michlins that were similar in price to the Yoko tires he was recommending, I figured he was telling the truth and not just giving me some line to try to sell tires, and I decided to give them a try. So glad I did. I'd never run anything but Michelins on the vehicle, so I had no idea the cabin could be so much less overrun by tire noise! I could actually hear the radio without turning it way up! And the Yoko wear has been much better than the Michelins! I still didn't get the full 80K, but I got a lot closer (70K). My vehicle is up to 215K miles now, and I'm on the 2nd full set of Yoko tires. If the vehicles makes it, I'll buy a third set! I definitely recommend them!

  • 07/22/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance All Season (225/70R16)

    Great tire. Good value. Thanks

  • 07/21/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance All Season (225/60R18)


  • 07/21/2018 - Michelin - Premier AS (215/60R16)

    Tires are good but too expensive.

  • 07/20/2018 - Yokohama - AVID ENVigor (245/45R17)

    Purchased on the recommendation of Steve, the store manager in Morehead City. I go through tires on my corvette. These have held up well and were a fair price.

  • 07/20/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance Fuel Max (225/65R17)

    The Glenmont Monro store staff are always great. We highly recommend this store and these staff members.

  • 07/20/2018 - Economy - All Season (235/60R17)

    With the amount of mileage I put on the car, I need all season radials with a minimum of 40 K warranty.

  • 07/20/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance All Season (225/65R17)

    I've been riding on Goodyear tires for 20+ years and have never had any issues with them.

  • 07/20/2018 - Economy - All Season (205/55R16)

    Good tires for the price... great value!

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