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Recent Customer Testimonials

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  • 10/18/2018

    My car showed a low tire warning. Being injured, I couldn't check it. The guys at Tire Warehouse were awesome! They made sure we were safe. Thanks guys. We'll be back.

    -- Jim Rubinate

  • 10/18/2018

    I've been coming to the Tire Warehouse on Boyd St. for the better part of a year. They sold me my first pair of snow tires for my vehicle and not only worked to get me a "better than average" set of tires, but beat the price of the average set. The team here busts their butt to give great service and great deals, and honestly you couldn't get me to go anywhere else. This is a first rate shop and trustworthy. You won't find a better place for tires in Portland.

    -- Stefan Rhys

  • 10/18/2018

    Excellent service and the best prices in town. The manager Steve is the most knowledgeable tire person I have ever met and made my tire buying experience easy and enjoyable. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase tires or rims.

    -- Mark Daigle

  • 10/18/2018

    there prices are reasonable. They were very busy, but I only was there for an hour as there service technicians work quickly. I like that the cost includes free tire rotation & adding air if necessary. they are polite, friendly & explain about different tires so I understand. I have been getting my tires there for several years & will continue to do so

    -- Shureen Metcalf

  • 10/17/2018

    For years I have trusted Raymond and his team with my tire and vehicle needs. The true definition of a prefessional is making something difficult look easy. A gem in the community.

    -- Mark Dilley

  • 10/17/2018

    I went on a Sunday with a tire emergency, the manager Walter was very helpful and nice. They were very short handed, it was a busy Sunday and it was Walter with one other person. Between answering phone calls, helping customers, and cashing people out Walter would be outside helping his employee take tires on and off, lending a hand everywhere he could. I did have to wait that day but the service I got was amazing and I will be going back as needed. Thank you for being there on a Sunday!

    -- Tricia Holliday

  • 10/17/2018

    These guys are unbelievable! I had a leaky tire and upcoming trip to Boston and they totally hooked me up did not have the exact tires I wanted but instead they worked with me and I got better and high quality tires at an affordable price and this was all at the very last minute! Thank you so much !!!!

    -- Margot Ansley Legare

  • 10/16/2018

    Clinton Tire Warehouse is well staffed with efficient, knowledgable, and polite workers. Andrew, in particular, is always cheerful and takes time to explain available options. Perhaps the highest praise I can offer is that I trust the guidance that I hear at Clinton Tire Warehouse and feel comfortable making purchases without pressure.

    -- Jessica Whitt

  • 10/16/2018

    I have been going to Tire Warehouse for years. First, in Rutland, VT where Mike was OUTSTANDING. Now, in Portland, ME and I could not be happier. Whether it is purchasing, repairs, or just a nitrogen check they are always accommodating and helpful Tire Warehouse is my go to for tires.

    -- GREG

  • 10/16/2018

    I feel confident taking my vehicle to Tire Warehouse. Just disappointed that I did not specify which package I wanted and ended up paying more than I planned for service that I will not use. It would be helpful to ask people if they want the most expensive installation option rather than assume they do.

    -- JEFF

  • 10/16/2018

    I appreciate having a place to go when I have a tire concern and they always check out the potential problem right away and get me back on the road with confidence.

    -- ROBERT

  • 10/16/2018

    When I bought my truck brand new, I paid Tire Warehouse to fill my tires with nitrogen. I bought my next tires from the dealership. Tire Warehouse filled them for free!

    -- BILL

  • 10/15/2018

    The price I paid for my tires was fair. Danny and the two other guys working was all very friendly and helpful. I'm from Texas on a camping trip and they made me feel at home and they were my best friends. It was a great experence. If I'm ever back in New Hampshire and need tites this is where I will come.

    -- Earl Beets

  • 10/15/2018

    That was the best experience ever! i was given a great price and service was so fast! I brought 4 brand new tires and i couldn't be happier. Those guys don't try to cheat you. Being a woman and i felt understood and heard about my needs. Thanks guys!

    -- Kim Green

  • 10/15/2018

    I had a flat tire on the way to the grocery store. Here I am at 5:30 on a Saturday evening with 2 young kids, wondering what I’m going to do? Limped the car over to Tire Warehouse and asked if they could take a look. I knew they were closing soon and hated to be that person that kept anyone longer than necessary. The manager said he’d see what he could do. They got my car in looked over the tire and explained that it was not repairable as hoped. They did not have a replacement tire in stock and offered to order it for Monday. I don’t live in the Rockland area and asked if it was something my local Tire Warehouse could order and install there for convenience? They got on the phone and made the arrangements with the Belfast Tire warehouse! They put on my spare tire and sent me on my way. What was originally a stressful situation for a single mother, ended up going pretty smoothly. Thank you sooo much for all the help and the top rate customer service. I would happily return in the future for tire service!

    -- Libby Davis

Recent Customer Tire Reviews

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  • 10/15/2018 - Michelin - Latitude Tour HP (235/65R17)

    Miles was a great help as we walked in early this morning. We brought in two vehicles and he made sure we purchased good tires with a reasonable price. Very honest and friendly service. We will be back!

  • 10/10/2018 - Goodyear - Eagle F1 Asymmetric A/S (235/50R18)

    We had these tires installed on 2009 Cadillac CTS at approx 165,000 miles. This car had ran Michelin previously. We experience cupping on all four corners which resulted in excessive tire noise, always beginning at approx 5,000 miles and the tires were pretty well worn out at 37-42000 miles. Several service facilities including Cadillac dealerships could not find any alignment or suspension issues. Michelins were always rotated at each oil change and proper pressures were continually monitored. At approx. 165,000 we had Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season installed 28 months ago. Sense then this car has traveled over 66,000 miles on these Goodyears. These tires are starting to sing but still no cupping and are still showing 6-7/32 of tread left. Face it, 50 series tires aren't known for ride but these Goodyears have demonstrated superior ride and handling characteristics over the previous brand tires. This car appears to have a tremendous amount of life left in it yet, so,we will probably be purchasing these Goodyears again, when a sale comes up.

  • 10/08/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/S (225/60R16)

    Great value! Cheap and get me around in snow. :)

  • 10/08/2018 - Yokohama - AVID Touring-S (225/60R16)

    Can't believe how well these handle in bad weather. Best traction I've ever had!

  • 10/08/2018 - Yokohama - Tornante (225/60R16)

    45,000 miles into them. Not even halfway down on the tread! Still bite the ground like new. Still give a quite and excellent ride.

  • 10/08/2018 - Economy - All Season (205/55R16)

    Looking for cheap *$$ drift spares? Burn these, stupid cheap and last a while. good for daily and drifting.

  • 09/29/2018 - Kelly - Edge A/T (275/65R18)

    These seem to grip in wet and slick conditions better then the wranglers and dueler at. They are also a very quiet ride compared to other tires I have had in the past. I drive an average of 40-50k miles a year on road, and 3-4k off road.

  • 09/19/2018 - Goodyear - Assurance ComforTred Touring (215/55R17)

    Put on 2014 Sonata Limited 2.4. Never thought I would buy Goodyear again, let alone extol their value, but after 20K miles, they have worn little and have outstanding winter snow traction and run like gazelles in the rain. And best was installation by Mr. Tire in Brunswick. Adam and crew are fantastic. Only bad thing is they don't do nitrogen in tires. Have to go to dealer to get that, but it is worth it. Never fill tires. it really is worth a few bucks with aluminum wheels not to have to put air in every month.

  • 09/09/2018 - Michelin - Defender (195/65R15)

    I am very happy now I have these, Michelin Defender are the way to go.

  • 09/08/2018 - Goodyear - Ultra Grip Winter (195/65R15)

    Goes Great in the winter and on wet roads. And it is studdable for added traction. Will. Buy this tire again.

  • 08/04/2018 - Goodyear - Eagle Sport All-Season (215/55R17)

    The feel and the handle of these tires feel amazing compared to what I previously had (not Goodyear). Taking tighter turns and not worrying about slipping especially on roads you're not expecting it brings much comfort as I drive a lot of state highways in the Midwest. I would recommend but not necessarily for the overly aggressive driver.

  • 08/02/2018 - Economy - All Season (195/65R15)

    Good Experience

  • 07/31/2018 - Economy - High Performance (245/45R17)

    Great tires, great value. They wear so much better than much more expensive tires.

  • 07/24/2018 - Yokohama - AVID Ascend (185/55R16)

    Tires have been very smooth so far and really good traction in wet and dry conditions. Only have around 5000 miles on them so far but hoping for a long life out of them!

  • 07/24/2018 - Yokohama - AVID Ascend (215/70R15)

    My vehicle came off the lot with Michelin tires, and I worked near a Michelin plant for many years (even in one briefly), so I was a fairly loyal Michelin customer for many years, in spite of the fact that their tires never got anywhere hear the warrantied 80K miles. I do drive an SUV, so I wasn't expecting exactly 80K miles, but I was getting more like 45K miles, which isn't great! Eventually, I moved to a different state where the Michelin deals weren't as plentiful, and the next time I needed tires, I was more open-minded about other brands. The gentleman at Treadquarters swore I'd be much happier with Yokohama tires. Since he sold Michlins that were similar in price to the Yoko tires he was recommending, I figured he was telling the truth and not just giving me some line to try to sell tires, and I decided to give them a try. So glad I did. I'd never run anything but Michelins on the vehicle, so I had no idea the cabin could be so much less overrun by tire noise! I could actually hear the radio without turning it way up! And the Yoko wear has been much better than the Michelins! I still didn't get the full 80K, but I got a lot closer (70K). My vehicle is up to 215K miles now, and I'm on the 2nd full set of Yoko tires. If the vehicles makes it, I'll buy a third set! I definitely recommend them!

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