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Tire Balance & Rotation - 20% Off

Your Pit Stop for Tire Value

Only NASCAR crews change tires faster than Tire Warehouse and nobody sells them for less.

A Tire Warehouse purchase is a unique experience that has helped make us New England’s number one independent tire dealer. Drive up to the door at one of our 46 locations. As you park under cover, our sales representative meets you at the car to measure your wheels and help you select the right tire for your vehicle. While you complete the paperwork inside the store, our Tire Warehouse technicians mount and balance your new tires in minutes. Seasonal tire changes and 6,000-mile tire rotations are just as easy.

We guarantee the lowest total price or your tires are free! Just bring in a competitor’s advertisement, coupon or written estimate and we sell you the tires for less. At Tire Warehouse, we only sell tires. We’re specialists who focus on your satisfaction with our products and professional service. For example, when we attach your wheels to the hubs, we don’t just use a pneumatic driver. We hand torque each nut for safety and to prevent distortion of your brake rotors.

As a Tire Warehouse customer, you can take advantage of the latest developments in tire technology, such as new rubber formulations and tread designs and nitrogen inflation. With rising gas and tire prices, many customers are turning to nitrogen for better gas mileage and longer tire life. Every Tire Warehouse store has a nitrogen station and helps you get the most out of your investment by providing free pressure checks and refills. Nitrogen maintains correct tire pressure longer than air. Properly-inflated tires get up to 3% better fuel economy and wear up to 25% longer.

Tire Warehouse’s pioneering approach to tire sales and service has enabled us to grow from a handful of stores in the early 1970s to become an integral part of the United State’s largest company-owned and operated automotive service chain and fourth largest independent tire dealer. With that purchasing power, you can be sure that you get the lowest price for tires, parts, repairs and service. We carry an extensive inventory of all major makes and models, as well as economy, performance, and specialty tires. Our tire experts sell more than 100,000 winter tires annually and can help you get a grip on New England’s snowy roads. Since we stock thousands of tires at every store, chances are we have a selection for your car, truck, van or SUV.

The next time you need new tires, make your pit stop at Tire Warehouse. You can even shop online. Just click on the tire search at the top of this page. Schedule an appointment online today!

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