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Winter Tires & Service – Get a Grip Now!

When winter weather threatens, we stay open until the last customer is served.

For confidence and control in any weather, see the experts at Tire Warehouse. Winter storm warning? Call or stop by today! We’ll have you in and out in no time.

Nitrogen Inflation - 20% Off
Wheel Alignment - $25 Off With Drive Card
Seasonal Changeover

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Our Winter Safety Package prepares your vehicle for optimum control on ice and snow.

If you swear by winter tires, now’s the time to install them on your vehicle! Ask us about mounting your winter tires to a separate, inexpensive set of wheel rims.

Get maximum wear from your tire investment by keeping your wheels in proper alignment.

  • Winter tires offer the best traction on ice and snow. Look for the mountain/snowflake symbol branded on the sidewall.
  • For snow-packed roads, studded tires are an option in most states. However, today’s studless winter tires deliver sure handling over the widest variety of conditions, including bare pavement.
  • All-season tires provide good three-season traction and fair grip in wintry conditions. They are a better choice if you drive mostly on dry or wet pavement.
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