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Nitrogen Inflation - 20% Off

Want to Save Money on Gas?

Your Tires Can Help.

With gas prices at near record levels—$4 per gallon in many places—your tires and the way you take care of them can make a big difference. Try these tips to save green, go green, and preserve your tires.

Pump it up. Get up to 3% better gas mileage by keeping your tires inflated to the correct pressure. That’s the equivalent of 12 cents per gallon.* Save money on tires, too, because your tread wears evenly and lasts longer. Be sure to use an accurate tire pressure gauge. Or, stop by Tire Warehouse. We’ll be happy to check your tires and top them off for you.

Try nitrogen inflation. Tire Warehouse offers nitrogen inflation that keeps your tires inflated to the correct pressure longer and saves you money. NASA, the military, and commercial airlines and trucking firms, all use pure nitrogen to improve fuel efficiency and maximize tire life. Nitrogen molecules are larger than oxygen molecules and pass through tire rubber at a rate three to four times slower. Air is a mixture of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gasses.

Get an alignment. Your wheels are like four draft horses. You want them pulling in the same direction for maximum fuel efficiency. The next time you service your vehicle, ask the shop to check the alignment. Or, if you live or work near our stores in Keene and Exeter, New Hampshire, or Skowhegan, Maine, Tire Warehouse can perform the alignment for you.

Roll with it.  Goodyear Assurance® Fuel® Max® tires are low rolling resistance models specifically designed to eek out extra mpg. It’s estimated that up to 15% of a car’s fuel consumption is used to overcome rolling resistance, which imperceptibly distorts the tire as it grips the pavement.** Ask the experts at Tire Warehouse if these brands and models are right for your vehicle and the way you drive.

Tire Warehouse offers fast, convenient tire sales and service. Request an appointment online. Call 1-866-725-TIRE (1-866-725-8473) to connect directly to one of our stores. Or, stop by at your convenience. We’re open seven days a week.


* Based on gasoline priced at $4 per gallon. Source: Keep Tires Properly Inflated, U.S. Department of Energy.
** Low Rolling Resistance Tires, U.S. Department of Energy, Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center.

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