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Seasonal Changeover

Summer Driving and Tire Tips

Beat the Heat.

Summertime, and the Drivin’ Is Easy...But It Can Be Safer and Cheaper

  • Before your big summer road trip, stop by Tire Warehouse for a courtesy tire inspection. We’ll fill your tires to the correct air pressure and check their tread depth and condition, so that you have a safe and hassle free vacation. You also improve your fuel economy by 3% when you keep your tires properly inflated. That’s the equivalent of 12 cents per gallon.*
  • Watch the lead foot. You can save 25% on gas by driving 55 miles per hour on the expressways, instead of 70 miles per hour. That’s like getting a dollar back for every gallon that you put in your tank.*
  • Boost your fuel economy an additional 10% by cutting out jackrabbit starts and stops. Gradual acceleration and deceleration is easier on your engine and brakes. Total savings—now $1.40 per gallon.
  • Pack light to avoid putting luggage on top of the car. If must use the luggage rack, secure all items for safety. Better yet, invest in an aerodynamic carrier.
  • Have your dealer or local service station check your car from bumper to bumper—including fluid levels, belts, hoses, brakes and tires—so that you do not have any mechanical problems on your travels.
  • On long trips, you’ll be tempted to allow your kids to sprawl in the back seat or cargo area. Don’t. Serious injury can result if you have to stop quickly or are involved in an accident.
  • Take along water and healthy snacks. Keep a basic first aid kit in the glove box. Make frequents stops to rest, stretch your legs and stay alert.
  • Car seats and booster seats, particularly buckles, can become extremely hot in the summer sun. Test them with your hand before buckling in children.
  • Your parked car is no place for children or pets. Never leave them unattended, even for a short while. The temperature inside can reach a deadly 100 degrees or more.
  • Driving in your neighborhood this summer watch for walkers, joggers, skateboarders and bikers. Be prepared for kids playing in front yards to dart into the road. Take care in backing out of your driveway.

Summer Tires

In summer, driving conditions are optimal for most motorists to use their all-season radial tires. If you use your vehicle for recreation, however, you might need a heavy duty or performance tire. Load index and temperature grade are important considerations if you pull a trailer or haul cargo. An “A” temperature resistance grade is recommended for towing. Off-road vehicles require deep, heavy duty treads. Check your owner’s manual for specifications.

If you plan to buy new tires this summer, consider how you will use your vehicle year round. If you commute long distances, select a tire with a superior treadwear rating. To get the most out of your tire investment, look for tires with rating of at least 300. An all-season tire provides sufficient traction on dry or wet pavement in spring, summer and fall, but here in New England you need winter tires for ice and snow.

At Tire Warehouse, we guarantee the lowest price for your tires—or your tires are free! We carry all major brands and many hard-to-find brands and models, including performance, sport and economy tires. Our experts look forward to helping you select the right set of tires for your vehicle and the way your drive.You can even shop online before you buy. Just fill in the search boxes by brand, vehicle or tire size. Then, request your installation.


* Based on a gasoline price of $4 per gallon. Sources: U.S. Department of Energy’s Gas Mileage Tips.

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