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Trailer Tires

Special trailer (ST) tires are engineered to manage heavy loads and are for use on trailer axles only. Trailer tires have stiff sidewalls for improved tracking and sway control. This is particularly important for loads with a high center of gravity. Our value-priced trailer tires are available in the most common sizes and offer dependable performance for work and recreation. We also special order trailer tires. Ask our tire experts to recommend the right tow vehicle and trailer tire combination for your application.

Bias-ply Trailer Tires

Bias-ply tires are a sturdy, economical choice for occasional towing over short distances.

Radial Trailer Tires

Although more expensive, radial trailer tires offer improved heat resistance, better fuel economy, and a smoother ride. They are the best choice for frequent highway use.

Trailer Tire Load Range

The load range represents the horizontal and sidewall strength of trailer tires. The load range is typically represented by a letter or numeric ply rating. The load range may be printed on the tire as as a single letter "B" or "LRB" indicating a load range of B.

Load Ranges for Trailer Tires
  • Load Range B or LRB: 4 Ply Rating, 35 psi
  • Load Range C or LRC: 6 Ply Rating, 50 psi
  • Load Range D or LRD: 8 Ply Rating, 65 psi
  • Load Range E or LRE: 10 Ply Rating, 80 psi
  • Load Range F or LRF: 12 Ply Rating, 95 psi
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