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What People Are Saying:

  • "I have used your company for 30 years. Now that you are doing alignments, I will use you more."
    William - July 2011
  • The manager and associates always offer ideas from their experience to help me get the most from the tires I selected. I drive many miles every year. I feel more confident about my tires not being a problem because of those tips.
    Frank - July 2011
  • Staff was very pleasant. They even brought water out for my dogs. Very thoughtful. Thank you.
    Gregory - August 2011
  • These guys in Keene are so great. I will try and get all the members of my family to shop there.
    Frank - August 2011
  • Manager was friendly. Nice guy who provides great customer service.
    Kevin - September 2011
  • I always go to the guys in Keene for my tire needs. They always take good care of me and my car.
    Hillary - September 2011
  • "Steve mcgrath took the time to explain tire options for my car then looked for the lowest cost including rebates, sales, etc. The car was ready on time. Good, freindly service. Thanks!"
    Ernie - April 2012
  • prices were right and extra service by changing my spare to a tire taken off passenger side
    Douglas - June 2012
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Tire Warehouse Wheel Alignment in Keene, New Hampshire

Protect your tire investment with a wheel alignment.

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment, in the simplest form, is adjusting the angles (camber, caster, & toe) of the vehicle's wheels. Each of the vehicle's wheels should be parallel with each other and perpendicular to the road. When these angles are within manufacturer specifications, it will ensure the tires will wear evenly and track straight. A properly aligned vehicle will increase the life of your tires, suspension, steering system, and provide better handling and improved gas mileage.

Alignment and wheel balancing are often confused to be the same thing. While it is true that both deal with the vehicle's ride and handling, they each solve different problems. Balancing usually deals with a vibration issue, where alignment deals with tire wear, steering, or tracking problems.

Your alignment can be affected by numerous factors and conditions including accidents, potholes, grazing a curb, bad suspension parts, or normal vehicle wear and tear. When a vehicle is out of alignment many problems can occur, some of these issues include accelerated or uneven tire wear, steering wheel pulls, vehicle wandering, or a crooked steering wheel. Properly setting the vehicle’s alignment will ensure the tires will be able to perform to the best of their ability. Tire Warehouse alignment technicians use state-of-the-art, laser guided, computerized, Hunter alignment equipment to ensure precise measurements and adjustments.

Tire Warehouse recommends an alignment check whenever you install a new set of tires.

Alignment is not available at all locations. Please check with your local Tire Warehouse store for more information.

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